Am Statik

One off unique designs and creative costumed fashion latex by Am Statik brings the fantasy world to the fetish realm for both men and women.
Now in its 5th year London brand Am Statik is having a re-brand, using the particular elements from its past designs into more ready to wear and mix and match garments. Taking inspiration from the people and the world around her designer Amy Day uses her own love of latex and sculpture to take you to another universe.
Dominatrix sees the launch of a new more classic yet avant guarde collection entitled "Muse"

Started in 2009 Am Statik has had a vast range of different styles and looks inspire the collections.
Being well know for such things as the Unicorn outfit and mermaid leggings as well as the Metropolis inspired robot and floral detailing Am Statik's range of colour and creation has developed more and more over time as well as quality and technique.
Am Statik has previously done shows at such places as Torture Garden, Club Rub, Alternative Fashion week London and German Fetish Ball.
It was German Fetish Ball 2013 that she won the renowned Best Fetish Fashion Design trophy and in 2014 went on to do the most elaborate show yet "inhale" using a pastel and white coloured collection and powdered paint to give an explosive show of colour and beauty using some of the industry's best models.
Am Statik has had features in Marquis magazine with Sister Sinister and Heavy Rubber with Amy's own Cyborg costume as well as creating an outfit Bizarre Magazine writer Alix Fox.
In 2014 a special collaborative collection was also done with super brand Cyberdog, using UV and metallic latex.

To create pieces both beautiful and erotic, something extraordinary just for you. I Am Statik, Who do you want to be?

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Dominatrix March 14th 2015